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RDS and Animal Welfare

Posted in General Security News

To our dog handlers, their dog is not simply 'a tool of the trade', they are a well loved, well treated member of the team. 

We go to great length and great costs to ensure all of our security dogs are kept as safe as possible during transit and at every job we carryout.

We choose highly intelligent and versatile breeds, such as German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Herders, which along with their handlers, who they form strong bonds with, are put through our vigorously intensive training programmes. 

Whilst each dog has its own personality, by understanding the breeds we are able to focus or our animal welfare efforts to ensure our dogs are kept protected and in the very best of health.

The handlers themselves ensure the safety of their dog at all times and we’ve had purpose-built vehicle adaptations for the dogs continued safety during transit to and from jobs.

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