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Meet Nova!

Posted in RDS Specific News

One of our newest recruits Nova (on the right) a young Labrador, enjoying a rare moment of sunshine with Whiskey who is a certified, operational drug detection dog.

Whiskey happily works in just about any type of venue and all he asks for is his ball and a whole lot of fuss as a reward, when he has a positive indication on illegal narcotics.

Nova however is a different kettle of fish! She came to us as her previous owner was struggling to cope with her and she was incredibly highly strung!
With detection dogs, amongst other traits, we look for candidates that are full of exuberance and love to retrieve a ball and Nova has no problems in that department. 

She's settled down now and is loving her ongoing training and has just been introduced to actively identifying illegal substances, in exchange for her ball.
She has only just turned one and has gone from being incredibly unruly, to a settled, happy dog, who loves her training and has complete balance in her life.

That said, she lives with Whiskey and if you watch them play together, I think he would have a different opinion, as Novas "off" switch is hard for him to find! All she wants to do is have fun and Whiskey needs a break from her from time to time...

As we have said in previous posts, animal welfare and how our dogs enjoy their work and their downtime is at the forefront of what we do.

Videos soon to follow as this young recruit continues her ongoing training!

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